Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Fabric!

Shopping for fabric always gets me in trouble. I don't know if I have ever walked into a fabric section without finding at least one print I love. As many other crafters know, if you see a fabric you love, you must buy it! So, I now have a closet full of fabric and no idea what to use half of it for. I think I'm going to use my latest purchases for a couple different projects. I'm going to try to make therapy sacks, coffee cozies, a baby shower gift, and coasters. I used the polka dot pattern for patching up my poor down comforter. My dogs have ripped it to shreds. So now, it's got these awkward patches all over it. At least the patches are fashionable

I love how spring like this print is! I think in addition to some coffee cozies, I might try to use this fabric somewhere in my kitchen.

These two prints are going to be used for therapy sacks. They are brown and pink..quite girly.

I think this fabric is going to be use for coasters since the colors match my living room colors.

This fabric is AWESOME! I just love it so much. I am trying to figure out a bit project to use it for. My bedroom is blue and brown, so I might use it for a cushion to go on my ceder chest. I already used a big chunk of it patching up my comforter.

This are two samples of fabric I might use to make cushions for my living room. I recently got a new sofa and chair, which I love, but since we went from a loveseat to a chair, we lost a bit of seating. I host parties quite often, so I'm thinking about making a stack of floor cushions for these get-togethers. The couch is more like the solid fabric, but the dots are so much fun!

The reverse side of the dot fabric.


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