Saturday, April 4, 2009

Signs & Frames

My husband teases me about it, but I love to label things. I find that objects find their way home when there is a label involved. So, I created a few labels for around the house.
I have a laundry sack full of old towels for our dogs by the back door. It's especially helpful this time of year when the backyard is a huge mud puddle.

I found that there was a miscommunication when it came to dirty and clean laundry. So I created these signs for each basket. I printed them out, laminated them (I absolutely love my heat laminater) and added the Velcro to each side and the baskets. I also created one for our dishwasher since we have to prewash our dishes and it's sometimes it's hard to tell.

I have this odd wall in my kitchen. Well to be honest, my entire kitchen is odd. It's very difficult to arrange the room because of the odd shape. Anyways, I wanted to find a place to put pictures of each of the dogs.'s the wall before...
Here's the after. I took some pics of the dogs a few weeks ago, printed them at 5x7 and matted them into 8x10 frames. To be honest, I'd rather have printed them at 8x10 and matted them to 11x14; however, the store didn't have the frames I wanted, so I settled for some 8x10 frames I already had. Nice project for 10$
I made this sign for our front door. This is the side of the sign that is showing most of the time. I used some scrapbook paper for the border and laminated the entire thing.
This is the back side. Since I do intimate sessions at my house, I created this side of the sign for anyone that might feel the need to come knocking during a session.
I bought some AWESOME fabric at Hobby Lobby today. I also got another canvas to paint for my craft room....but I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it yet. So, hopefully I'll have some fun fabric projects to show off soon! Plus, Monday my new knobs come so I can finally post my before and after of my dressers!!! Yipee!


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