Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DIY Wednesday: $10 Backsplash

Hi Everyone,

I did a little project last Monday night as a breather from school work. It seems like I clean quite a bit during finals, because it's a good way to avoid studying. ha ha. This DIY Wednesday is for last week. I'm finally done with the bulk of finals, touching up some pictures and finally found the time to post something.

I did two things. I started painting the island my husband built for me. I also installed my own back splash in the kitchen. About 2 years ago, we took down all the wallpaper in our kitchen and painted. The area under the cabinets also had wallpaper. We had just left it stripped with the idea we would do a back splash eventually. Well, I got sick of waiting on the men to figure out what tile to use and decided to try something I saw on a home improvement show. My HGTV obsession finally did something for me.

The sheet of plastic tile cost about $10.00. I cut everything to size and attached it with some adhesive caulk. If I would redo it, I would have been a better about cutting. I'm not the best measurer. Oh well. So here's the new back splash. It will really pop when we redo the counter top. This might be the plan for a DIY counter top. I just have to figure out what color is going to look the best with an orange kitchen. That's very hard for me.

This is the "back splash" before. This is what was left after removing layers and layers of wallpaper.

This is the "after." The counter tops are quite ugly, but that's another project for another day.

This is how they look with all the junk added to counter.


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K said...

Love it. What in particular did you use? I need details! :) this is what I want!

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