Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DIY Wednesday: Burp Cloths

Hi Everyone!

I have a much more fun project to show off, but I left the pictures at home. It will have to wait until next week. This is a little project I worked on for myself. My husband and I found out a few months ago that we're expecting our first child. It was quite unexpected since I am still in school, but the timing worked out alright. I'm due May 21st, and I'll graduate on May 7th with my JD.

Anyways, I'm going to try to craft many things for the baby so I don't have to purchase them. Plus, it's nice to have some homemade things to pass along. These were my first project. I decided to try this new method of sewing burp cloths. I started out by sewing about an inch in and then tucking the ends in & sewing a 1/4 to make a nice pretty hem around the cloth. I used my favorite fabric and flat fold cloth diapers.

It's an odd mixture of fabric, but it was all the fun fabric I had sitting around the house.

The new cleaner way I made the hems.

Fun Fabric!

Finished burp cloth and soon-to-be-made ones.


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