Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Ribbon Hoop Mobile

Hi There,

As I'm still getting used to this mom multi-tasking, I have a little DIY project. I did this project as a decoration for our graduation party, but I decided to use it as an outdoor decoration after the party.

Ribbon Hoop Mobile

(The wind was blowing a bit so it's a bit off kilter..and there hasn't been time to garden since baby came so ignore my weeds and house wrapping showing!)


2 Embroidery Hoops-- one larger than the other
Spray Paint
Ribbon-- All different kinds! Get different colors and different widths of ribbon. I also did both grossgrain and satin. I used approximately three spools of each color.
Hot Glue Gun


Step One: Paint Hoops

I used some outdoor brown spray paint I had sitting around to paint the hoops brown. It takes a couple of coats and different angles to get everything. If you were going to do this project for outside, then you might want to rethink wooden hoops. Maybe try to find some sort of metal hoop? Or treat the wood to prevent weathering? My hoops have weathered, but the ribbon still looks fantastic and hasn't faded yet.

Step Two: Make Mobile

Using your hot glue gun, make a mobile shape by cutting four ribbions the same length. Wrap them around the hoops and secure with a dot of hot glue on each side of the hoop. Mine was a little off because I eyeballed the length instead of measuring...I would measure if I did it again! For the top of the mobile, do two pieces that are measured the same. You can then use a third piece at the crossroads of the two ribbons to make a loop to hang the mobile.

Step Three: Attach Ribbon

This is the part where you can be creative! I chose my colors based off of a fabric I was using at the graduation party. I used approximately three spools of each type of ribbon. I took my inspiration fabric into the store and picked my ribbon based off of that fabric. I chose different widths and material so there would be some variety and texture.

I cut all my ribbon about the same length (once again eyeballing it). You will go in after attaching the ribbon and cut more so it doesn't have to be exact or at an angle yet. Decide what pattern you want to put the ribbon in. I then did a loop type knot to attach the ribbon. I didn't do anything else to attach the ribbon but if I were to do it again, I would do a dab of hot glue to keep the ribbon from moving around.

The final step is to go through and cut each ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying. Then ta da! You have a fun and fantastic mobile to use for a party or as a decoration.


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