Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gone Junkin': Garage Sale Super Find

Hi There,

In addition to my "DIY Wednesday" posts (tutorials of projects I've done) and "Idea Thief" posts (inspiration from other bloggers), I've decided to add a "Gone Junkin'" section. This was inspired by a recent trip to Missouri and the plethora of antique stores I stopped at. I found so much stuff I would have loved to bring home with me to fix up. This junk find comes from a garage sale my parents went to this weekend. They went to their neighbor's garage sale to look for a walker for my little one and found something soooo much better. :) Our neighbor makes and sells curtains and apparently just got a new machine. She sold my parents her serger. I've been dieing for a serger since I found out they existed. Now I have one, but I have to wait until they can bring it to me (in a few weeks). I'm pretty excited for my new beautiful craft room that awaits for me in our new home. Three weeks! In case you want to know what a serger is, here is a picture of one.


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