Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Ribbon & Wrapping Station

Hi There!

I was doing my daily One Pretty Thing cruising and found this tutorial for a ribbon and wrapping station on Someday Crafts. I was so excited that I actually tried it only a few days after she posted it!

I did my own little twist. I had this trim left over from my DIY island (which is now my craft room cutting table!) and decided to use that. I already had the blue spray paint for the dowels. Which means this ribbon holder cost me a whopping seven dollars.

By the way...isn't that lovely dark green color on the wall really really....boyish?!? I matches the blue dowels oh so well. (it will eventually match whatever color I pick out) I know it's something my husband would think is just fine...but this is a craft room and I am definitely going to be painting it....eventually. I should probably finish unpacking first.


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