Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Wednesday: Spray Paintin'

Hi There!

I have been a spray painting machine. I have spray painted a shelf (see below), planters, filing cabinet and my ribbon holder...just since I moved. This shelf went from a natural colored shelf to a blue one. (which I've indicated will match whatever color I decide to paint the walls)

After a lot of spray paintin,' I've decided to share my spray paint tips.


Blue Rust-Oleum Spray Paint High Gloss

My spray paint tips:

1) Prepare your surface. I neglect this step the most. Most of all, you will want to make sure that your surface is clean. Paint will peel off a dirty surface. For even coverage and paint that will stay for years, you may want to sand the surface & wipe down with cheesecloth and/or use a primer.

2) Shake....then shake some more and when you've thought you've shook enough, shake for another 30 seconds. Shaking your spray paint can insures you will have a long even spray.

3) Use long continuous strokes. Start at one end of the item and spray continuously all the way down the item.

4) When drip happens, let the paint dry first. Then sand the drip, and repaint.

5) High gloss looks nice and finished but will show more flaws. Matte is more forgiving but looks like spray paint. Use the correct paint. Read labels. If you're going to spray paint a plastic table, use the plastic fusion spray paint.


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