Friday, October 8, 2010

Craft Room Update

Hi There,

We are still moving into the new house. (I don't understand how I can still have boxes to unpack. It just doesn't seem possible) I have been working on the craft room here and there and it's starting to get there. I'm going to eventually paint the room, but I think that should probably wait until I have everything else this rate it will be years.

Here is the sewing corner. I eventually want a desk and a office chair for the sewing machine, but I'm waiting for the perfect fixer upper desk or an affordable one. I just got the bookcases (super cheap ones since I know I'll probably have to get different ones to fit a different space in a couple of years). The blue trunk is my photography supplies...I don't have a better place to stash it yet.

Kitchen island turned cutting/project table. It's the perfect height for cutting. The only problem is it seem to also collect projects. In this picture alone is a curtain project, infant hair bows, infant headbands....all of which are still hanging out.

Oh... I have to share my fun find. Two pairs of Cole Haan pair was $2 and the other was $15 plus Coach tennie runners for $15. I love thrift shopping!


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