Sunday, August 7, 2011

Idea Thief: Busy Wallet

For those parents out there, you'll appreciate this easy project.

It's called the "Busy Wallet." You get an old wallet (one you already have, one from a thrift store or a cheap one on clearance) and fill it with all sorts of things to be discovered by your impatient bored child. You can put things like old photos, old cards, stickers, pins, coins, scrapbook paper with different textures and colors etc. You just have to be careful of your child's age and pick appropriate things.

This wallet would be great to have on hand when your child gets a bit fussy at a restaurant or while you're driving or even on an airplane. I've heard of people wrapping toys to add to the amusement. The busy wallet is bit more portable, but both would be great for something like a long trip or airplane ride.

Visit The Acts of Grace for the tutorial!

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