Sunday, September 18, 2011

DIY Sunday: $4.00 Pop Up Tube

Hello There!

While I was at the store today, I was trying to find a toy for our daughter. She's clearly bored with her current selection. However, I wasn't going to spend a fortune on it since she does get bored with them pretty fast.

I was in the kids section and I saw a few products I liked, but they all started at $40.00. I mulled over it while I went to get some dish soap, and I came across pop up hampers on clearance for $2.00 a piece.

Perfect for making a cheap fun toy!

Children's Pop Up Tube


Two Pop Up Hampers ($2.00 a piece on clearance)

Total Cost: $4.00


Using scissors, cut out the bottom of the hampers, careful to avoid the fabric holding the metal ring in place.

The two tubes should slip within one another and stay pretty well without sewing them together. This will also allow you to pull them apart and collapse them for easy storage.

Really simple idea, but it's quite effective. It was a hit!



Bethany said...

Good work! This is very similar to our $20 tunnel.

Crochet Love Affair said...

I love the last picture where your dog is looking at you thinking "Really? What's next?!"

Great job with the baskets, I have seen things like that cost $15 and up.

TheDabblingCrafter said...

Ha ha.. I get lots of looks from the dogs that say..hmm..what a odd duckling you are.

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