Sunday, September 18, 2011

Show & Tell: Penny Necklace

I saw an idea like this on Pinterest a few months ago and have been obsessed.

While at a craft fair in Wisconsin over Labor Day, we saw a booth wear people made stamped charms while you waited. I know it's actually pretty easy to make the charms yourself...I ended up paying as much as it would have cost to just get the supplies myself. However, I am inpatient and wanted the charm right away.

So, I had a charm stamped with "Lucky Us," My husband and I got a few rolls of pennies and found pennies from the year I was born, he was born, we got married and the birth of our daughter. Eventually when we have other children we will put their years and probably remove ours.

I drilled the holes in the pennies myself. I did a bit of research and found if I used a bit of olive oil to lubricate the bit, I shouldn't (and didn't) have any issues. I put a piece of wood down and drilled into the scrap wood. I had some small metal hoops laying around to attach the pennies to the necklace.

I think it looks wonderful!

Getting ready to drill some holes.


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