Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome Pufferbilly Days!

Hello Everyone!!!!

It's that time of year again! It's Pufferbilly Days here in Boone. I had to miss last year's because I had business outside of the state. This year I will have a booth at the craft show Saturday & Sunday with Cozy Trends! We will be located on Story Street....that's right, Pufferbilly Days is back downtown! Take a break from that Iowa/Iowa State game and come and see us!

I am pretty excited for this show. I have been working on a new fancier display. I have been collecting some funky junk. In fact I'm still working on some display stuff into the 9th hour (as usual). I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store today and got some fantastic doors. Funny thing is I bought the doors and went to pull my car around the corner to load them up. I'm thinking to myself, I need to move this and that...then I come around the corner and realize I have my "commuting car" not my normal SUV. Duh. I completely forgot. Thankfully we did some rearranging and got them to fit.

I also had some new signs printed and a new custom order book. I've got some plans for other improvements, but I probably won't get them done in time.

I have some exciting things to come display at a local craft store and a new business idea I'm exploring. I'll keep you updated!

See you Saturday & Sunday!


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