Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gone Junkin': Last junking trip this summer!

Hello Everyone!

I had a crazy junk couple of weeks. I went out last weekend and this weekend...and as a result I will not be going out again for a while. :) I spent all day sanding and I have a feeling that I probably have another day full of sanding left. Boo!

Here are my finds!

The bookcase my grandmother gave me. This is the process of being sanded.

The desk I got for free from a local frat house. My husband can't quite see the vision in this piece. I'm going to sand it, paint it and the drawer is going to be a planter.

Okay, so it's a mess (that's what happens when you have 5 projects going on at once), but this is my new table! I got it off Craigslist. Solid Oak for less than a 75$. Totally worth it! (Can you see my gym bench sticking out...might use that with the table)

On a side note...those "curtains" are placeholders until I can order the fab Amy Butler fabric I want. Maybe that will be in the future....

Scale. Will be used as a decoration on the new bookshelf. Scale is from J.B. Knacker in Gilbert, IA.

Tealight holders made from insulators and springs.

Junk Refunkery Finds. In the summer, it will be a plant stand and planter.

Slowly getting there...still looks a bit disjointed..

Headboard that I'm going to from a friend.

Chairs that will get painted to go with my new table. The middle one is from Junk Refunkery and the other two are from Furniture Zone (both here in Boone)...the lot was less than 12$.

Little one helping me sand down chairs.



Custom facebook app said...

you have sold ?
all things ??

TheDabblingCrafter said...

I'm not selling these things, I bought them and am re doing them.

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