Monday, October 17, 2011

MOPS Craft: Hot Glue Letters

Hello Everyone!

This week at MOPS we tried a project I've seen floating around Pinterest. You use hot glue to create raised letters and then paint over the entire thing. Since we are doing it for a group, we did a more economical version with cardboard; however, I do think it would work better on a canvas or glass jar.

Hot Glue Letters


Cardboard (or preferably canvas or even a glass jar)
Hot Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint


Step One: Cut to Size

If you're using cardboard, cut to the shape and size you'd like your sign to be. Most people in our group did 8x 10 so it could be dressed up and put in a frame (without glass)

Stretched canvas does not need to be cut to size. (Not to state the obvious)

Step Two: Make a Draft

Using a light hand and pencil, create the saying or word you'd like on the cardboard. Some that we had was "Our Family Name Est. Since Anniversary Year" or "My favorite hugs are sticky" or "What Makes a Home is Who is In It" or "Yarn and Love are the Best Gifts" or "You Are My Sunshine"...lots of great ideas. I have also seen a cursive "love" that I really like.

Step Three: Trace With Hot Glue

Trace your light letters with hot glue. Don't worry about strings. You can pick those off once you are done!

Step Four: Paint

Using acrylic paint, paint over the entire thing. I mostly see these projects done in white, but black and yellow also turned out great. You may want to do a layer, let it dry, and try again. I dabbed on the letters to get better coverage.

Generally, cardboard will start out kinda soggy but will harden up as it dries.

Step Five: Put in a Frame

Dress up your sign by putting it in a frame with no glass or you could try putting ribbon around the outside.

Check out some of our creations!


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