Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Idea Book

Hello There!

I finished a super fun project yesterday, but I'm going to wait until Sunday to post it. (It's hard to be that patient!)

I do have a very simple idea for those people out there that are always seeing something they like or remembering something they need to do, but forget it by the time they get home. I have a little pink notebook I call my "Idea Book". I keep it in my purse. Inside I have a million different things, but there are some things I use more than others. When we first moved into our house, I measured all the windows and wrote down the dimensions in the notebook. That way if I ran into some curtains or fabric I loved, I wasn't calling my hubby to measure and praying he did it correctly. I also often see things online or mentioned or in a store, that I really think is a good idea or I could just use a portion of it for a project. For example, I have a big bin full of old kitchen utensils I got from my in-laws and recently saw a cool pinwheel made out of them. That project went into the book.

My Project List

I also have this grand idea of someday owning a home and getting to decorate it. I have started notes on what color each room will be. I'm sure I'll change my mind a million times over, but I try to pick items with colors that will fit this future home.

I have a long project "To Do list" so if I see a material on sale, I can grab it. I have sketches of project ideas I come up with when I'm waiting for a doctor or to meet someone. If I do make something I like, I try to keep the measurements in the book for future use. I have a thrift store "to find" list. I find that helpful when I'm going garage sale-ing or stopping by goodwill. It helps me stay focused and keeps me from buying something that doesn't quite fit what I want.

Recently, I was "pinning" (I guess this is a verb now) and saw a great idea. Take little pieces of scrap wood or even some key fobs you have around and create a ring of colors from the paint you've used around your home. That way you'll always know if something you're going to purchase is going to work.

Picture from Craftzine

Sometimes I get an idea overload. I have too many projects on my plate, and I just don't know where to start. Having a visual reminder of what I want to get done is a great help.

Now, I have to brainstorm what to do with a bookshelf I recently inherited. It needs some serious TLC.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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