Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Sunday: Headboard

Hello Everyone!

I got this headboard in the fall and I've just now finished it. Not only was I not motivated to get it done (or motivated to do anything for that matter), but I ended up putting three coats of paint on it before I found the color I loved.

This is the "before" of the headboard. It was free from a friend that was moving. Nice heavy wood, but I was less than impressed with the color of the wood.

My first coat was done with the create your own spray paint at a local hardware store. It didn't turn out good. It came out all chunky, and it wasn't even the right blue color. Not to mention it was super expensive.

Next I tried a Rustoleum spray paint. The spray paint turned out okay except for the fact it was a color that didn't match anything I owned.

My final paint choice was based off these awesome pillow case covers a friend made & gave me for Christmas. I went to Ace Hardware and had them mix me some aqua paint. The color turned out great and is being used on another desk (I'll post the desk this week!), and I also mixed it with some grout to make chalkboard paint that I used on a mirror. 

I do love the headboard. It works with the purple walls I was stuck with when I moved in (I'm really not motivated to paint this large room.) I still need to do something with the box spring, bedspread and nightstands. I am also going to put something on the walls eventually.




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