Saturday, February 18, 2012

DIY Sunday: MOPS Handprint tree

Hello Everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, the moms at our local MOPS got together and did a really fun craft. I have been stalking this project on Pinterest for a while, and it was really fun to do it with a group of girls.

The tutorial for the project is by Naptime Decorator. Our group did a few things differently. We didn't use paint markers. We used vinyl on the glass of frame I cut from my Silhouette. The rationale behind this change is when you have another child and need to do a new tree, you don't have to rewrite the quote. The quote is a bit different (mostly because my Silhouette screwed it up, and this is what I got.) We used poster board for the backing, brown paper for the tree (I found a tree Silhouette online to use as a stencil) and acrylic paint for the hands. So in short, we didn't need the paint markers at all.

I spray painted my frame white, and I really like the place I found to hang it.


The picture works perfect above our little important things nick-nack shelf. There's our unity candle, our cross we got for joining our church here, sand from our honeymoon and a pair of Koren kissing ducks I got from a friend. (Noses are together so we're a happy couple!)

My daughter has the little glittery purple one at the top. :) If I do another one, I might change the background color to a light blue or something.

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