Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Sunday: Easy Art, Porch Pillows and Spring Decorations!

 Hello Everyone!

How amazing has the weather been?!? I have been spending as much time outdoors as I can. My daughter loves to play outside and does not like to come back in, especially since she discovered sidewalk chalk. Since the weather has been amazing, I have been spending my time on outdoor projects. I finally got leaves picked up from last fall. We put grass seed down. I cleaned up our patio equipment and pulled out some outdoor toys. Our flowers have bloomed and make me want to plant more!

The first project I did this week was some decorations for our bathroom. I didn't want to spend too much money, especially on a bathroom. I found a canvas on clearance because it had a little hole in it. I decided I liked this saying floating around Pinterest (It's especially relevant since my husband is going to be a veterinarian). I also grabbed this yellow and grey fabric from Joanns for just $2.00 a yard (can't beat that!). It's displayed with an equally cheap option, an embroidery hoop.



Second, Porch Pillows! I have a porch swing, but it's a bit blah right now. I used some outdoor fabric I got at the end of the season last year. I had some pillows from my couch that were a bit flat, and I decided to give the pillows a second life on our porch.

Third, Spring Decorations! I picked some flowers from our flower bed and used a vase I had customized with my Silhouette.

I'll have more flowers around Mother's Day. It's a tradition in our family for Mother's Day to give our mom flower to plant in her flower beds. It's a fun family activity to do the planting. For now, I have just a few succulent I got from a friend. I'll put the succulents on the top of the desk I finished. I am going to put some flowers in the desk too.

My wreath gets new felt flowers every holiday season. Right now it's bright fun spring flowers.

Fourth, I got an iPad recently. I decided to whip up an iPad case before work one day. (It seriously took 20 minutes!) Using that fantastic grey and yellow cheap fabric and some batting, I created a padded case.


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