Monday, July 22, 2013

Thirty-One Tips and Tricks: Elite Retro Metro Bag

Hello Everyone!

I picked out this super fun bag when I hosted my party (before becoming a consultant). I have lots of nice Coach purses, but they aren't really made for toting around sippy cups and diapers. Thirty-One just came out with a really fun bag that has a bit of a chevron design on the pockets. I'm pretty much addicted to chevron and turquoise.

It's been perfect for putting diapers and wipes in the side or a bottle and sippy cup. I also have a few accessories that came with my recruitment kit. I love the rosette and scarf. The purse matches the party punch items pretty much perfectly.

Contact me if you'd like to order one today! Who knows if they will be in the fall catalog. I'm also hosting a personal August special. Host a party in the first two weeks of August and get free personalization on your item. As always, if you have a party and get $200.00 of outside orders, you get a free zipper pouch! :)


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