Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gone Junkin': Junkin' in June 2013

Hello There!

Last weekend was Junkin' in June here in central Iowa. I couldn't go out and do the entire jaunt since my husband was working ICU (I'll throw a party when this rotation is over). I could hit up one sale though since it's right down the street. I loaded the kiddos up in the stroller and walked the block to the Once Was sale. I gave my three year old breakfast and she was entertained for a pretty good chunk of me looking around.

First up is a old wooden ladder. I knew my sister in law was looking for one (I have two I nabbed off our neighbor's curb during city wide clean up. One is in the living room holding blankets and the other is in our son's room holding clothes.) There is some cool metal hardware on the back that would be neat to use somehow.

I got this metal tool tray to go with the springs below. I'm thinking a very unique centerpiece for a table. The metal red things next to it must have come from some sort of shop or maybe a door jam? I'm thinking they will make really neat picture ledges on the wall.

Two old wall sconces. Perfect candle holders!

Old springs...thinking attaching this to the tool box and putting insulators in the springs.

These cabinet doors are already in the middle of being repurposed. Both are going to be chalkboards. But not just any chalkboards. I sprung for the designer color chalk paint and they are going to be navy colored chalkboards.

A little something for me. This bat has some really awesome blue colors going on. I'm thinking it's going to be a rack to hang baseball hats on for my son's room.

Pretty fun successful trip!

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