Thursday, March 20, 2014

Introducing Ugly House

Hello There!

If you have been following the blog or Facebook page, you are well aware we have been house shopping for the past couple of months. I wanted a historic home, and my husband wanted an acreage. We couldn't find anything in our price point that had both items, so we agreed to compromise if we found something that fit one of those (among many other) criteria. 

The market we're looking in is very competitive, and we had two or three houses we wanted that moved off the market just one or two days after being listed. It was hard to move fast when we're 6 hours or so away. Last weekend we went on a house hunting spree. We planned on going to five houses. One of the houses was a repeat for me. It was a historic 1920's home in town. However, it was in a town that was about 20+ minutes from my husband's work and on roads that didn't do well in the winter. It needed some structural work, but the price was okay for that work. I loved that house. Okay. I still love that house. But the location just wasn't going to work for us. My husband saw the amount of work to be done and wasn't as excited as I was. In fact one of the conversations went like this: 
Husband: This house needs all new windows.
Me: We can do that.
Husband: I don't know how to put windows in.
Me: I do. I helped my dad do it.
Husband: *Rolls eyes* You mean you watched your dad do it.
Agent: I'm staying out of this one. 
So, that house got checked off the list. Someone else should buy the house and let me decorate and refinish it. I am still daydreaming about the original built-ins and original pristine condition claw foot tub. *Swoon*

One of the houses we went to see Saturday was a house our agent had brought up a couple of times. The first time he brought it up, I responded, "Oh, I've seen the listing. That's the ugly house, right?" He laughed and told me that it was in the country (husband was happy), and that the house was in good shape minus to the interesting cosmetic choices. (Hey. No fault to the house. We all made questionable cosmetic choices in the 1980's!) I declined seeing it until last weekend. We were, after all, under the wire to find a house. we're under contract for the Ugly House. I reluctantly agreed that it was in a perfect location (exactly half way between my husband's new job and the school we want to send our children to) and yes it was a nice piece of country land that wasn't too much to manage.

The conversation after viewing houses Saturday went like this.

Husband: I really like that acreage. It's in the perfect location.
Me: Uh yeah.
Husband: And it's in good shape.
Me: Yeah.
Husband: I think we should put an offer in.
Me: (sigh) I guess.
Husband: What?
Me: That kitchen. Oh the horror. I have nightmares about that kitchen.
Husband: You can renovate the kitchen.
Me: You say that, but I don't want to keep a kitchen for five years that makes my eyes want to bleed. If you promise me I can renovate the kitchen in the next year and we will overhaul the exterior in the next 5, you have a deal.
Husband: Deal. But I get goats and a jersey cow. 

Goats and a cow will a topic of future negotiations. At least I can pay the large animal vet in brownies. He's a sucker for a good sweet.

I know we're just under contract and after the home inspection next week, everything might change. After the appraisal, everything might change. There could be a freak tornado, and everything might change. But, I think I am okay sharing the house (and cosmetic horrors) with all of you now.

Introducing my Ugly House.

The exterior has a lovely teal color with some sort of upside down check mark overhang. Although the color isn't ideal, the paint job was done exceptionally well, so that's nice. 

Future plans: Add a two car garage to give the house dimension and storage. Remove upside down check mark and replace with a new craftsman inspired deck to camouflage the split entry front. Add a deck off back of house and other outdoor living space. Maybe add some extra windows and of course paint.

And the kitchen. Oh the kitchen. That red tile is quite the statement. In fact, they loved that statement so much they decided to add the tile to the baseboards as well.

Future plans: Take down the wall between the living room and kitchen (doesn't appear to be structural at this point), add an island, new back splash, new faces on cabinets or replace, and new flooring. Plus a new stove and sink.

The rest of the house is nice enough, but bland. Future plans include new doors (or jazzing up the boring hollow ones that are there now), lots and lots of paint, beefing up trim, new flooring, new light fixtures, new vanities and new tile shower in the basement. That work will be done over a period of time though. Most of the flooring and fixtures are in new/like new condition so there's no need to replace right away. I'm hoping to get salvaged materials to add in some old charm to my 1980's split entry.


Why does this remind me of Space Mountain? Or Star Trek?
It will be months until I can get my hands on it, but the Pinterest planning has already started. My virtual shopping list has also grown considerably. And being a first child, I have started making several lists and Excel spreadsheets. At least I will have some good before and afters to blog about, right?



Tresta Raber said...

I think this is a cute house with a lot of potential. And I am sure you will make it really cute! Looking forward to future posts and seeing what all you do to it. :)

Jessica said...

I kind of like the exterior color. Very Unique! I agree that the kitchen is ugly, but my kitchen is pretty ugly too. It's always "next" on our list, but in 3 1/2 yrs it hasn't been touched except for a new stove and microwave.

Unknown said...

That's a unique choice of color for a house! Though I like how the interior looks like. It just needs a bit of personal touch to make it less bland. And you're right that the kitchen would be renovated no matter what, so better get your cows and goats ready. Good luck on the upcoming renovations, and congratulations to this new house!

Rick Greer @ Finlay Brewer Limited

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