Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Show & Tell: Elsa Dress in One Night


I don't know if your house has Frozen fever like our house, but I feel like I haven't gone a day without hearing "Let It Go" in the past 5 months. Every Sunday School teacher and dance instructor is accosted with "Let It Go" requests every class. My daughter can barely remember how to spell her name but knows every word of every song on that soundtrack. Go figure.

I decided to do a craft with my daughter tonight. She likes to help me sew, and I thought it would be fun to do a project with her for her. So, we picked up a yard of satin fabric, a yard of shimmery fabric and decided to create a dress-up dress to match Elsa's.

Since I wanted to whip it up quickly and it's just for dress-up, I just winged it. Elsa's dress isn't the traditional A-line dress like the other princesses, so it was actually easier to make. I kept the satin folded in half, wrapped it around my daughter and sewed it up. I left a opening in the back so my daughter could slip it on and off. I made a slit (although not quite as high as Elsa's). I would have made long sleeves, but I'm terrible at sleeves. Plus, the one dress up dress with sleeves is in the worst condition. I added some detail and sleeves with the shimmery fabric and of course I had to make the train. That's best part...obviously. (My daughter was impatient to add this detail) All in all, the cost was around $9.00, and the work took about 3 hours.

I think for a couple of hours of work (and watching a crazy hyper 3 and 1 year old) it turned out pretty good. I think I might have sealed the deal for more "Let It Go" singing sessions though.

"Let it go!"


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