Monday, June 16, 2014

Gone Junkin': New Furniture Finds


Last weekend was the local town's city wide rummage sale. The timing couldn't be more perfect. My husband and I sold some items prior to our move, so we wouldn't have to deal with them (good thing because our moving truck was filled to the brim). After I was done rummaging, I hit up two antique stores on Main Street in Brookings, SD. I would highly recommend the locally owned shops in downtown Brookings.

So, here are some of my finds from this past weekend! They all are going to be fancied up either with paint or just some cleaning up (well except the's already wonderful).

As you can see, this piece is already getting some play as a nightstand. This is a old typewriter stand. I'll be removing the top and staining it very dark. I might add a fun color to the metal legs.

This piece was a super amazing find! This is a Dillingham end table. It's authentic midcentury. It has some water marks and stains. I'm going to try a couple of different methods to keep it natural, but I might end up having to stain it darker. Now, I don't normally talk about the cost of each item I pick up, but I'm just so excited about my find I want to share. I picked this piece up for $8.00. The different retail prices I have found for a set (granted this is just one) are around $400.00 and up. Awesome find!

This coffee table will get the contact paper removed and the top refinished. Either with some new sort of thing (like vintage yardsticks or something) or by refinishing the wood top (depends on the state of the wood underneath)
Love the hairpin legs!

This piece was done by the Junk Mama in Brookings (Found at Antique Gallery). It's a nice grey color. Perhaps chalk paint? I am in love with Antique Gallery. It's Pyrex hunting paradise.
My little lady even got a bike. Since it was pretty inexpensive, we took the pedals off so she can try that new fancy gliding.


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