Friday, June 13, 2014

Ugly House Renovation: Hunting Lodge Nursery Before & After

Hello There,

I have my first before & after to share from Ugly House. It’s a bit lame to call it a before & after. The room didn’t need much from me except a new coat of paint and furniture I already had. 

Here are two of the "before" pictures from when we looked at the house. Not bad, but a little color goes a long way. 

As you may recall, I’ve had the hunting lodge nursery theme since my son was born. I didn’t add much to my son’s room except a new alphabet poster from The Porch Light in East Village in DSM (LOVE that shop). I also added the dresser we got from my son’s godmother (Click here for tutorial). I thought it was a nice touch that it was in her room as she grew up. I have the mirror, but I’m not sure if we’ll add that now. It will be safe in storage for a little while.

Yes...we live in this house so there are things like video monitor cords showing and diaper champs. :)
Sorry about the blur. I was using my iPhone.

I really do enjoy the new color here in South Dakota. It’s named “Distant Thunder” and is from Lowes’ Olympic One line. As I spoke about in my son’s room, I adore this brand of paint. It covers dark colors in just one coat. 

Most rooms in the house will get an update in the form of white paint on the trim and doors, however, this paint choice looks good with the dark trim, so we’ll keep it. My husband loves the color so much, we’re probably going to continue the color into his man cave (aka the family room). Fine by me. Less trim to paint!

His room is mostly done. In the future, we might add a bookcase. I have a vintage map (also a find from The Porch Light) that’s pretty beat up. I’m hoping to mod podge it to a bookcase for him.I am thinking of updating the closet and room door as well.


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Unknown said...

Looks awesome. Great job!

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