Friday, June 20, 2014

Show & Tell: My Old English Love Story


I'm in love, and I just want to shout it from the roof tops. My love comes from a little bottle of yellow liquid....Old English Lemon Oil.

I admit it. I was one of those people. One of those people you history buffs and wood lovers hate. I paint furniture.

I know. It's terrible.

My own husband is a wood lover. He'd walk by with those sideways glares as I sanded, and applied a gooey layer of oil based primer. It looks great natural, he would say. I'd roll my eyes as I slopped on the paint. Sure sure. That's what men ALWAYS say. Sometimes I even drove him to the edge of sanity by distressing a perfectly good piece of furniture.

As I've grown old and grey, I've started to appreciate some beautiful wood (as well as antique stores and the AARP). Well, I don't appreciate the trim in my house. That ugly stuff has got to go. So, maybe I'm not completely reformed yet.

One little bottle of lemon oil can really change a piece from being a little dull and sad to being really snazzy (Please picture jazz hands as you read that).

You've heard about my Old English love affair before when I cleaned up the dresser for my living room (and eventually, my son's room), and when I scored some $13.00 craftsman chairs. Today, Old English Lemon Oil (and I swear I'm not getting paid to gush) transformed my original mid century end table find with just a couple of minutes of work. The water rings are still there, but I don't mind for now. Lord knows my 18 month old is hell bent on making his own markings on the table. Cleverly placed accessories will cover that until my children are older and more responsible (so, probably when they are around 30).

Check out my table's droopy, dull, sad state turn into one snazzy shiny table. It's a match made in heaven for my new couch.




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Unknown said...

So pretty! Love the lines!

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