Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Show & Tell: LACK Hack With Washi Tape


As you saw on my epic IKEA post earlier this week, we recently made an IKEA trip. Since we're IKEA Family members, we looked for the "on sale" items while we were there. Well I did. My husband rolled his eyes and thought dark thoughts about how much we were about to spend in one place at one time.

One of the steals this week was the LACK side table for only $4.99. Unfortunately, that didn't include the "fun" spring colors, but it did include white and black. Since our daughter is just a few weeks from a big girl bedroom set, I decided it was time to think about getting her a night stand. The LACK table was perfect, but if it was going to offset her bright room, it needed a bright update. (Side note: her bedroom set will be solid white, so she's not going to have a color explosion).

I picked up some fun washi tape from a local store in Gilbert, Iowa, PIXI, a few months ago and I've been saving it for a fun project. Finally, I had a blank slate to have some fun. This isn't really a "hack" in the traditional sense...I mean I didn't take the LACK table and make it into shelves or a time machine. The entire project took maybe (at the most) a hour. I only measured the middle lines and eyeballed everything else. If we get sick of the look in a few months or years, we can just remove the tape and start over. My daughter loves her fun table that she helped "make."


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