Friday, September 26, 2014

Show & Tell: Aqua & Coral Bedroom Progress


It's been a busy week. I finally finished up painting my daughter's bedroom set, and her room is almost complete. I still have a laundry list of things to do before I will call this a true "after," but I thought I would share the progress thus far & maybe get some ideas from you out in blogland.

My daughter's almost finished room. The yellow light bulb casts a bit of a yellow hue, but the walls are certainly true coral.
My daughter insisted on a pink bedroom. I loved the coral bags available from Thirty-One, and I decided I was going interpret "pink" into "coral" (and then justify buying all the Coral gingham prints available), My mother-in-law was nice enough come and paint the kids rooms before we moved in so on move in day the room was definitely coral. And definitely burned your retinas bright. I used some white and aqua accents to tone down the coral.

I love how some items are turning out. For example, I love the bird house sheet I found on Amazon that is being used as a curtain. I need to cut it into two panels and hem up the curtain. Other things I'm not so sure about. The room just doesn't seem as finished as my son's room.

The light fixture has got to go. The dark trim and doors have to go white with all that crazy coral. I feel like her artwork is all over the place. The pieces over the bed might need to be updated to something less nursery. The room seems to be missing something. More pillows? More art? Less coral? Any ideas?




Unknown said...

What color coral is that? I absolutely love it! My daughter wants red walls but is willing to settle with something close. This would be perfect!

TheDabblingCrafter said...

Hi Brittany! The color is "Coral Coast" by Olympic One (available at Lowes) :)

Susan said...

Happy to see your busy week was able to bring an attention snatching significance and we are lucky to enjoy the stunning beauties of your daughter's bedroom. What a shiny and eye-catching room decoration. My eyes got super pleased with the whole theme. The aqua coral bedroom indeed awesome to take a look. The bed and other furniture indeed placed so nice way. Love your ideas and innovation. BTW if any home addict from GTA looks for bedroom furniture particularly slid wood bed, I think Anne Quinn might be an amazing place to check out. Feel interest guys? Well click here to get the details.

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