Friday, August 21, 2015

#FreshinFifteen Challenge

Happy Friday!

I'd like to invite you to do a little jig in celebration for the forthcoming weekend. We are in full "finish patio or die trying" mode this weekend. Then I'm going to do another little jig to be done with that train wreck of a project.

While we're working on that, I thought I would do something a bit out of the craft wheel house. Kate at the Small Things Blog (if you haven't read her blog or watched her tutorials, please do. They are fantastic!) had a little challenge she posted this week. She's challenging people to look #freshinfifteen. Basically take 15 minutes for yourself in the morning and have a speed beauty routine. Since I work from home, my beauty routine usually involves me rolling out of bed, putting on socks (because who in their right mind sleeps with socks on?!?) and sitting in a chair. If I'm feeling really crazy, I might put jeans on instead of sweats. I know. I can barely contain the excitement in my life.

However, there is something to be said for the extra productivity and confidence you get for taking 15 minutes to get yourself put together. Also, if I decide to meet my husband for lunch or run to the store after work, I'm not trying to pull something together to avoid being put on the "People of Walmart" website. Now, if I'm going to be working on a DIY project, I don't really sweat going to Lowes covered in paint. I hope that it's obvious that I'm in the middle of a project and changing isn't real high on the ol' priority list.

Any who. Challenge accepted. Here's my #freshinfifteen.

As scary it is, this is what I looked like when I rolled out of bed this morning. Charming I realize. I don't know how my husband manages to leave in the morning when I'm looking so smoking hot.

So, I'm not much of a make up person. I wear some tinted moisturizer sometimes. I have real adult make up for nights out (as opposed to Lipsmackers lip gloss), but I don't bust that out too often. Children really stop the "going out with the girl friends to Carey's" lifestyle I had during law school. I did make an effort a few months ago to get some less dramatic every day makeup so I could do something on a more regular basis. To speed up my routine I have different make-up bags for night and day shades.

So, here's the post make up picture. Bare Minerals make up, Younque fiber lashes and some E.L.F. make up mixed in. Nothing earth shattering but at least you don't see my "cursing at the patio in 100 degree weather" blemishes. Yeah. That's a real thing. I'm actually kinda surprised there is such a difference. Maybe I should try this make up stuff more often.

As for my hair, I don't wear my hair down on days I know I'm going to be working out or working on projects (like today). Especially with the bangs that I thought "would be a good idea at the time and then realized as they were being cut they were an absolutely terrible life decision." Bangs are never a good idea. I feel like I need to get that tattooed on my arm, because I keep forgetting it never works. I'd tell the stylist I want bangs, and she'd look at the big warning on my arm and tell me that past self is reminding current self that bangs = annoyance and ridicule for months. Not a terrible idea except the permanent tattoo part...

I did a couple fast curls at the straight crazy ends and pulled everything into a braid and a mid knot. The mid knot tutorial is from the Small Things Blog (click here for the tutorial), and pretty much is my go to style now.

So, that's pretty much it. I do feel quite "fresh". And yes, I'm wearing flannel because it's 50 degrees out. Got to love Midwest weather. This whole fresh in fifteen business does make it a bit more difficult to sit at home for work. My dogs aren't nearly as appreciative of my effort as I feel like they should be.


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