Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Show & Tell: Curb Side Chair Upcycle

Good Morning!

Our outdoor patio (post here) and our firepit sand area (post coming on Sunday) needed some extra seating. My father-in-law came to the rescue without even knowing I needed more chairs. During city wide clean up, he saw these chairs sitting on the corner.  Knowing that I love a good challenge (and free curb side furniture), he picked them up for me. 

Sure they were rough around the edges. They had seen better days and less rust. But all they really needed was some TLC and a couple cans of spray paint. 

The rehab on these chairs was pretty straight forward. First of all, I took a good look to see if they could come apart easily. When there is fabric involved, the painting goes about a hundred times smoother if you can get the metal by itself. Thankfully they came apart with just eight screws.  I took them apart with some "help" from my kiddos. 

Once they were in pieces, the seats got put into a plastic tote filled will soapy water. I let them sit for an hour or so. I was pretty amazed by how much dirt came off each seat. They got rinsed and hung up to air dry. 

While the seats soaked and dried, each metal base got a ton of prep work. The first thing you have to do is get any flaking paint off the surface. Then you need to smooth out the surface with a wire brush and/or sander. I rough up all surfaces to help all the paint stick better. 

Each chair took a solid can of spray paint. In fact I came up a bit short on the lighter colors so I ended up painting the metal on the seats with either a metallic silver or gold instead of matching the chair color. I wish I would have had enough to do all the seats in silver or gold, but you work with what you got, right?

I'm happy with the results! I would have loved to paint or replace the fabric but it was in good shape and I didn't want to mess with a good thing. Check the chairs out in action on Sunday's post about our firepit area!  


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