Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Show & Tell: CustomInk Crafting T-Shirts

Happy least I hope it's Wednesday. I tend to get my days messed up. There has been some really disappointing Thursday afternoons. (What?! It's not Friday? Guess I will put the beer back in the fridge.)

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through my clothes and realized that my "The Dabbling Crafter" branded shirts were on their last leg. Not only are branded shirts a good way to get the word out about my blog, but they are also a good way to add some credibility when I'm out at craft shows. When I'm wearing a branded shirt I look less like a "I'm a crazy person taking pictures of all your specialty crafted and curated items" person. I know as a former booth owner, there is nothing more irritating than people taking pictures of your items and saying "I could totally make that." So, I like to let booth owners know that I'm going to give proper credit and maybe pass along a couple of fans.

Anyways. When you look for an online resource for t-shirts, it's hard to not see CustomInk mentioned. I looked at the reviews (mostly very good) and the price point (more than fair). I decided to give it a try. (And no, I wasn't paid for my review) The creation tool is very easy to use and has lots of fonts and art available. It was also easy for me to upload my logo.

So, I decided to make two shirts. Each has a fun phrase on the back. One is a simple t-shirt and the other one is a baseball shirt. The printing and shipping is a bit long. Expect to wait a couple of weeks to get the final product. I can understand that with custom printing. I also ordered my shirts on the large side, and the sizing was (unfortunately) right on. My shirts ended up being large, so I will have to shrink them or alter them. Their sizing guide is very helpful because they model the shirt on different size people. Plus, they have a wide range of sizes available. Also, if I wanted to offer these shirts to others, there's a group ordering option.

Over-all, I'm really happy with my CustomInk experience and I love my shirts. I just have to remind myself I don't need 100 more.


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