Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY Driveway Sign


I took a quick break from the fun of the vintage trailer (which does now have a name and some other fun to come soon) to do a project I've been meaning to complete for a while. We have a random pipe that sticks out from the light post on our property. I have tried to figure out what it was for, but haven't been able to think of anything except to hold a sign. 

Since there isn't a good way to remove the pipe, and since I now have a fun Christmas sign for it, I decided I just needed to embrace it and make a driveway sign. 

Since this was a simple project, I used materials I already had (all except the $2.00 I spent on the hardware). Using my Kreg Jig, I secured different scrap wood together to make a larger surface. I painted the entire board one color so the different pieces would blend together.

I decided to try my hand at free painting the flower border. I found some different inspirations online and tried to paint and sketch the flowers by myself. They aren't perfect, but they work well when you add in many colors and different styles. Just don't look too close. 

After I was done painting the flowers, I used my tried and true method of printing off letter and transferring it over with carbon paper. The entire thing got cleaned up with an eraser and a final clear coat to seal the wood.

The final step was to drill some holes for the brackets the helpful Lowe's associate helped me find. I'm really happy with my $2.00 project!



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