Monday, April 11, 2016

DIY Peel and Stick Flooring in Vintage Trailers

Good Afternoon,

I had a fun weekend spiffing up Myrtle. I also got a chance to move all our camping supplies into her, so we're almost ready for our first outing. The foam for the new cushions arrives this week with fabric will soon follow.

When we got Myrtle, she had some vinyl flooring. It was fairly new, (very) securely attached and pretty darn ugly. Eventually I may want to go more time specific and go back to the VCT tiles in blue and yellow, but for right now I wanted something quick, cheap and easy.

Vinyl peel and stick plank flooring was just the ticket. I only needed one box (although I'm about 1 board short to finish up next to gaucho bed), so the entire endeavor cost me $40.00 and 2-3 hours. It's not only easy to install, but you can cut it with a utility knife, which makes installing even easier. I cleaned the floors before we started. Since I couldn't keep the two munchkins from tracking dirt in as I went along, I also swept each section prior to putting any planks down.

It may not last forever, but it will get us through a couple of seasons looking mighty fine. The change was pretty dramatic and it doesn't look nearly as dirty as the old/new white tiles did.



Just need one little strip to finish up next to the gaucho bed! 


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Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Looks awesome! Do you mind sharing where you purchased the vinyl tile from? Myrtle is looking so darn cute! Hugs, Cathy

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