Saturday, July 23, 2016

Small Business Saturday: June's Wildwood

Happy Weekend!

Two weeks ago I was able to attend the annual Brookings Art Festival. It's a huge festival here locally that brings in all types of crafters and vendors. It's one of the highlights of my summer. One booth I was particularly excited to find was today's featured Small Business Saturday shop, June's Wildwood.

As you have seen in my previous posts, I love handcrafted art and signs. I often try to recreate what I see online, but I'm just not that good at hand lettering. It's definitely a skill to look so effortless. Erika Cotton, the artist behind June's Wildwood, has perfected that effortless hand script I envy so much.

We plan on having Erika do a sign for our nursery when a) we actually figure out what the baby name will be, and b) when we actually have a nursery. I did pick up some arrows to put on the wall...whenever I can get to the wall to put them up. Until then, enjoy all the beautiful signs from June's Wildwood. Erika also does custom orders, and those are pretty fantastic as well.

To contact June's Wildwood, visit her Facebook page or email her at:

As an FYI, Erika is a member of the National Guard and is out of the office for annual training. She will be back in the office July 31st. Thank you for your service Erika! Erika made this fantastic sign for a fellow solider.


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