Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello Fall! {Fall Decor Tour}

Good Afternoon!

If I had to pick my favorite season, I would probably pick a nice crisp fall. I love when it's cool enough to wear a jacket, but not so cold you don't want to move. The kind of days where you need a fire at night but can have the windows open during the day. That's the type of fall we're having, and I am happy it's here!

One thing I also love about fall is the fall colors. I don't decorate for many holidays outside of Christmas, but I do love the rich jewel colors and earth tones that fall decorations bring. I thought I would share some of the decorations I have this year at Ugly House.

{Please note there is some technical difficulties with Blogger right now and some pictures may not appear. Sorry for the inconvenience!}

I love the pillows I made last year. One side says "Trick or Treat" and the other says "Give Thanks." It's been a very easy way to have a little festive decorations. (Click here for the post)

{Click here for the post about how to make your own pillows!}

Another versatile decoration I have is a grapevine wreath. I made enough flowers to switch out the colors with the season.

{Click here for the post about making these flowers}

I love yarn wrapped letters. I have a set for both fall and Christmas. They are fitting perfectly on top of my cabinets.

I love Pumpkins. My mother-in-law grows them so I get all sorts of pumpkins. I love to try different things with our pumpkins each year. Last year we carved and painted. This year we melted crayons and we're going to carve this weekend. We also have a newly opened Dollar General, and they have really fun (cheap) decorations that we added into our decorations.

{Click here for the tips & tricks for chalkboard writing}

My little kiddos joined in the decorating this year with some fun projects from their drop in care daycare. They made monsters and spider webs. Our daughter keeps asking if she can bring leaves in to help "decorate." I tell her sure. I love help with the decorating!


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