Friday, March 24, 2017

Daily Goodie Box Review


I was contacted by the friendly people at Daily Goodie Box to review one of their boxes. Their boxes are unique because they are completely free. No shipping, no credit cards ever. You just have to give your opinion of the products.

The box I happen to get was more health conscious than I normally gravitate towards. That being said, it was a good introduction to products I may not have tried on my own.

Even if the products are free, the presentation of the box is much like other subscription boxes. It was fun to get the box in the mail and open it up.

While they contacted me to review their box, all the opinions are my own.


The first product was Herr's Popped Chips. They were very good. I would definitely grab these again if I saw them in the store. They had good flavor, and I liked how light they were.

Okay, so I'm a coffee snob. Like I only drink one kind of coffee I order online. So, I tried Coffee Block's butter coffee when I ran out of my go to coffee (which, if you're wondering, is Cameron's) Err. Not a huge fan. Now, to be fair I don't drink butter coffee normally, so I can't compare it to that, but compared to regular coffee it was too gritty. It was better warm, but once I let it get cold (I often drink cold coffee because I'm a mom...and life happens around here)....yikes.

The Just Chill Rio Berry was pretty good. I liked how it was slightly sparkling, and I could taste berry and maybe a bit of lavender? It was really cold since the box sat outside for a couple of hours. I think it was even better, because it was really cold.

This Xylichew  gum was very very popular with my kids. I thought it tasted like typical gum, but without that other junk.

The Vermont Smoke and Cure Beef Sticks are delish. I have seen these at check outs before, and I'll definitely grab them again.

Just like the beef sticks, I'm a big fan of these Gorilly Goods nuts. They had a curry taste which was just the right amount of spice. It also kept the kids from stealing them. Double win!

These Aloha greens were okay as far as powder goes. I've dabbled in these types of powders before, and this one tasted about on par with those. I might not purchase them again just because I don't generally use powders.

The Dream Water sleep powder was tried by my husband because I am nursing and try to avoid anything like this. He said it was pretty good and did help him sleep...but to be honest, he doesn't have a problem sleeping. Even when a baby is crying in the room next door.

I was a bit scared to try this. I like Fig Newtons, but was afraid that a "good for you" version would just be really gross. (Not a fan of the Naked brand for that reason) I was pleasantly surprised by the Fig Bar. Now, my kids weren't so sure about it. They also haven't tried Fig Newtons, so maybe it's just a taste thing in general.

I am a big fan of the Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda. I have used other all natural soaps in the past, because I cloth diapered my oldest and normal detergents are really hard on the diapers and baby bums. Nellie's worked quite well and I like not putting chemicals into the ground.

The last item I got was the Jack n' Jill Natural Toothpaste. It actually worked out pretty good, because my son doesn't like mint or bubble gum flavoring. That seems to be the only flavors available in main stream toothpaste. So, he's been using this toothpaste off and on again since we got it. I was afraid it wouldn't foam up or do whatever it is toothpaste does. I've tried all natural soaps in the past that didn't bubble up so it was hard to spread them around. This toothpaste actually does a pretty good job.


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