Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Junk Jam 2017

Happy Sunday!

Hubby is out on a calving call and the kiddos are finally asleep. I figured it was a good time to blog about the super fun Junk Jam that was held in Brookings, South Dakota yesterday.

I did a review of Junk Jam last year (Click here for the post), and this year's event was even better. The event is hosted and organized by Funky Junk in Brookings, South Dakota. There was many (many) more vendors with unique items either handmade or curated. The addition of the food trucks was particularly nice as well. I had to take in the event while my oldest was at a birthday party, while Sweet Cheeks was strapped to me, so it was a rush and crazy but still a blast. Sweet Cheeks pretty much has this look the entire time.

Rather than try to show you all the vendors (there was just too many great ones), I'm going to show off the pieces I picked up from some of my favorite vendors. I didn't get any furniture simply because I have no room in my house. That's part of the reason you haven't seen any furniture upcycling posts lately. There's no room in our house for upcycling. Maybe I should sell everything off so I can start over. If I didn't think my husband would lose his mind, that actually sounds like fun.

The first items I picked up were from Out on a Limb. This home decor boutique is located in Willow Lake, South Dakota. I loved the items she curated for her shop. I saw this shirt and despite my entirely too large graphic tee collection, I just had to add it. As a reader, you will know this shirt is pretty much the Ugly House Renovation. Of course, I can't turn down cute tea towels either. The kids are always ruining the ones I have, so it's good to keep a new supply on hand. (How do they always find the whitest towel when they have the darkest most permanent messes? It's a talent I tell you.)

The second item I picked up is one of my favorites. I think it's a planter (?). It's a hot air balloon that spins with the wind. I'm so freaking excited to find somewhere to hang it. Right now it's just in a tree with like 5 bird feeders waiting for a new home some where else in the yard. The hot air balloon came from Rustic Designs in Mitchell, South Dakota.

The third item are these magnets from a vendor called Honey B Design Co. The star of their booth, however, were these AMAZING screwdriver flowers. I'm so in love with them. They were a bit outside my budget this year, but I'll have to plan on them for next year because they are just so colorful and clever.

The fourth booth I loved was Rock Me Mama from Astoria, South Dakota. Well, it would be obvious for anyone who was there why I was drawn to their booth. They have a traveling boutique in a vintage Shasta camper. Uh, love! Myrtle the Aluminum Turtle would totally be jealous of their aqua paint job. I left with this cute teething necklace. Sweet Cheeks has already put it through a workout, and I love how cute it looks when I wear them...not so obviously teething related. They also have some serious adorable kids clothes.

All in all, it's a great show that is totally worth the cover charge (and probably the early bird one at that...if only I could have made it!) Did you attend? Share your finds on my Facebook page!


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