Thursday, October 8, 2009

DIY Bridal Shower Sign

Hi There!

Weeks ago, I hosted a bridal shower for a close friend (in fact she was the maid-of-honor at my wedding!) I did many DIY projects for the wedding and this is one of them. The next couple of DIY Wednesday will be dedicated to the shower projects.

I used this method to create the sign. I wanted to practice the process and make sure that it would work well if I wanted to make some wooden signs for Christmas. I used the fonts I used for the shower invitation.

I started out by creating sign in Microsoft Word and printing it out. I then traced the font with the carbon paper underneath on to a piece of foam board. Then, I had an outline to paint. After painting, I outlined the letters with a paint marker. (Which I had never used before, but they are quite amazing!)

The print out of the font I want to mimic. I could have used Microsoft Publisher (probably would have been easier) but you can also use Microsoft Word.

Here is the outline of the sign. It seems pretty at this point, but maybe a bit plain.

Here is the finished sign. I created the little design in the corner by taking the fabric I was going to use for table runners and putting it on top of carbon paper and tracing. So it's literally right from the fabric I based the entire shower color theme on.


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