Thursday, October 1, 2009

DIY Wednesday: Roman Shades

Hi There,

This is a little DIY. I wanted to have all the windows in the kitchen have the same sort of window treatment. So, I purchased these roman shades from (It was the cheapest website I found for this type of shade..about $14.99 per shade and only $3.00 in shipping)

When you put up bamboo-like shades, you have to be prepared that they are see through. It's just the nature of the product. You often can purchase pieces of fabric to Velcro to the back called, "privacy shade." Why buy this privacy shade when I have loads of fabric sitting around?

So, I grabbed some of that fun Hobby Lobby fabric I had sitting around and a needle and thread. I didn't bother hemming around the fabric. I just tucked it under and put the thread through both layers. For about $15.00 a curtain, I think I did pretty good!


Here's the front of the curtain in my very orange kitchen.


Here's the view of the curtain from the enclosed porch.


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