Thursday, October 8, 2009

DIY Wednesday: Bridal Shower Games

Hi Everyone,

I am spending the next few DIY Wednesdays going through a bridal shower I threw a few weeks ago. I did many DIY projects with the shower that I'm explaining in case you want to try one of them for a shower or even a wedding.

The Games.

As I explained last week, I didn't want to do the traditional games. I often get mixed responses from people when I deviate from the midwest traditions. I remember getting all sorts of comments about not doing a dollar dance or garter auction at my wedding or refusing to sell anything at bars during my Bachelorette Party. I simply do not enjoy those activities and would be miserable doing them. So, here comes the non-traditional bridal shower games.

The Scrapbook Bar.

I did this as a passive sort-of game. Something that everyone could have fun with, but wouldn't be compelled into doing. Also, the bride would have a scrapbook to take home with her.

I started out with creating a scrapbook template for everyone. I got the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and created a bunch of questions for guests to answer. They were along the lines of, "How do you know the Bride or Groom?" "What is your advice for the Bride and Groom?" "Draw a picture of Bride and Groom on their wedding day" and other goofy stuff.

Then, I went out and bought a ton of bridal shower/wedding scrapbook stickers. I already had a fairly good collection of scrapbook tools (edge hole punchers, scissors, glue, various embellishments). I know people (as well as me) prefer stickers especially if they aren't particularly into scrapbooking (also like me). So, over the past couple of months I gathered these products up.

Then at the shower, we had a table dedicated to the "scrapbook bar." I had a rotating three tier serving dish that I used to put some of the supplies on. I'm currently in the process of putting the scrapbook pages together in a scrapbook for the bride. This is also a good way to do a guest book without actually doing a guest book.

Bridal Shower Bingo.

I created this game after finding some information about it online. The concept is you have your guests fill out the squares with gifts they think the bride might get. The center "free" square is the gift you got the bride. Then, the winner gets a prize. There wasn't all that many people at the shower, but we still got a bingo. This was a way to make that awkward time during gift opening a little bit less awkward. (I know I hated having all the eyes on me during that time. It was weird)

I created these Bingo cards in Photoshop and had them printed when I printed the invites.

Next week I will talk about the menu I created. I made all the food by myself (with my husband's very gracious help). So, I'll have some pictures of how I served it/dressed it up as well as some recipes if you'd like to try any of the food.


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