Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Childproofing

Hello There,

My project this week was trying to get my daughter's room a 100% childproofed. Thus far, everything was secure and baby ready except this metal shelf I had in her room. Since she has started moving around, standing and pulling everything down, it was about time I took care of that shelf. I would cringe every time she crawled towards it.

You can buy childproofing kits for dressers to secure them to the wall. I looked around, but no local store carried these kits. I would have had to order the kit. Once you figure in shipping and the price of the kit, I was looking at around $6.00. I decided to do my own childproofing for $3.00.

The new improved safer shelf

I got two eye loop screws, screwed into a stud and zip tied the shelf to the screws. The result was a sturdy shelf that I don't have to worry about.

Eye loop screws ready to go

Zip tie before I cut off the extra (I would have gone with clear, but I had the yellow already sitting around)...just try to tip over that shelf!


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