Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project ADD


When I moved into our current house, I said to myself. I WILL NOT PAINT. Well. My husband decided to go on this Spring Break goose hunting trip and by a chance, my work schedule wouldn't allow to go with nor watch our daughter. So off goes my husband and daughter for the weekend. I knew that I should use this alone time to do a big project. Painting my craft room (which you know I complain about the color all the time) was the best choice.

Craft Room--Before

One of my trash-tastic reality tv show stars once said, "When you go to hell, they make you move sh*t.".....Moving IS hell, but I've decide that real hell has you first move everything, get it into it's proper place THEN move it all in order to paint. My poor husband is coming home to a larger mess than when he left!

It doesn't help I have project ADD. Painting is especially hard, because while I wait for a coat to dry, I start something else and forget about the painting. This is literally how my day went.

Box-in with paint in craft room. Start the drying process. See director's chair sitting in craft room. Wrangle out from under a mountain of fabric (dump fabric on ground)...haul downstairs to spray paint.

Directors chair--Before

Realize that drop cloth has been hibernating in the shed, I head to the shed. As I grab the drop cloth, I see a left over dryer pedistal. --See, my washer died on me last November, and as a Christmas gift, I got a new one from my parents. We were hoping for a set, but weren't fast enough on Black Friday. My dad made me two pedestals, but since we only got a washer, we had one left over. He put it in the shed in case I needed it later.--- As I look at this pedestal, I realize that I had been sketching this exact thing for an ottoman! So I grab the drop cloth and the pedestal and drag it to our back deck.

Now I realize that I need to sand both the chair and new ottoman find. I run down to our basement and open my tool box and grab my electric sander. When I open up the tub that keeps all my tools, I also find paint supplies I could use upstairs. Then I see some yard decorations I had gotten for my birthday gifts. So I balance all these things upstairs. I sand the podium and sand and spray the chair.

I run downstairs for some more sandpaper and see some old plant pots. And some spray primer. Fantastic. I can use these for something. So I bring the pots upstairs to paint them with the spray paint. Since my lawn ornaments are now out, I may as well put out all the solar lights I bought the other day while the spray paint is drying (not realizing that the paint upstairs is ready for another coat)

I go up front and put my different lawn ornaments in the ground. I notice that there are lots of papers sitting around. So I gather those up for the trash. I notice the house numbers are kinda boring. So I grab my hammer, pull them down and take them in the back to paint. Everything gets another coat.

I then see the spray primer and decide to prime the basement door my in-laws installed a few months ago. Then it's really stinky in the house, then I have to open some windows. Just when I'm about to go back to the painting in my craft room, my phone goes off and one of my good friends is in the hospital ready to have her baby! (Soooo exciting!) Then I remember that I'm only half done with her baby gifts, which are in the pile up in the craft room. Then I rush upstairs and start painting furiously since I need to put the room back together so I can get back to sewing!!!!

So. Hopefully I'll have some "Afters" to post soon!

And congrats to my friends Kelsey and Bill. You'll be wonderful amazing parents. I'm so excited to see your bundle of joy!


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