Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gone Junkin': Display Units

Good Afternoon!

I'm a frequent thrift store shopper. I think it's a great place to look at random stuff and get some ideas. This trip I was looking for old picture frames for another project I have in mind. (Which I actually ended up not getting since they wanted 5$ for a frame...seriously?!? I don't even want the glass!)

However, I found some goodies for my craft business!

First up, display shelves!

These little Ikea cast offs were only $2.00! They will be great to display items when I start going to craft shows.

Great buy for only $2.00!

Shelves covered in fabric with random craft room things being displayed.

Isn't that fabric fun? I just got it for the curtains in my kitchen. I may actually get to make them in the next year if I finish my husband's long overdue Christmas present. Ha!

Second find, photo tree!

At the moment, I'm going to use this photo tree for displaying something...I'm thinking something small like baby leggings or bibs. This little gem was also $2.00.

What to use it for...hats? Bibs? Baby legs?

Third, old plates!

I had two pillar candles in our bathroom that were on paper plates. Not exactly display worthy, not to mention they didn't fit on the shelf. I was going to buy a candle plate, but they were $5.00. And they were just so point to spend that kind of money on something so simple and small. So, I got some thrift store plates for $.89 (Yes, less than a dollar!)

They look pretty good on the shelf least a bit better than paper plates! Oh and that bathroom. It's a dream bathroom, but I think I'm going to paint it to match my personality more. I like gray and I like red. However, its not cheerful enough for me (I need cheerful since it's usually winter outside!) I have can of oops yellow paint (mistint...75% off) I plan on using in the future.

Oh and one last find, a Baby Toy!

I don't usually get toys from thrift stores or garage sales. I'm a bit of a germaphobe and I just can't handle the germ aspect. However, I decided that if I disinfect the toy, why in the heck am I worried so much? And considering how cheap toys are second hand and how fast babies outgrow them, I may as well get over it.

To disinfect toys, you just need to use a gallon of water to a 1/4 cup of bleach. I rinsed the truck, wiped it down and let it dry. If you're crazy like me, you can even get into the corners with Q-Tips.

She absolutely loves it, and I only spent $2.00.

Thanks Mom!


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