Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Craft Fair...Done and Done

Hi Everyone,

As I've been mentioning, I tried my hand at a craft fair for the first time this weekend. It was a small one with a relatively small entry fee. I just wanted to get my feet wet and see what I could accomplish. Well, there wasn't a great turn out, and I only made my entry fee back. On top of that, I'm sicker than a dog. You know how hard it is to blow your nose at a craft fair?!? Usually I would remove myself to the restroom, but that really wasn't an option. I used half of container of hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of my own germs.

At first this whole thing was disappointing. But then I remembered that I got more than a few dollars from the experience. I got my name out there. I got to practice for a larger craft fair. I definitely learned what will work for my display and what won't. I also learned what was going to be my big seller (wipe cases? who would have thought). I also got a request to sell some of my things at a local shop. So all in all it was successful.

Last post I shared the signage I made for my display. I thought I would share the process I used to figure out my booth.

My "Table"

I didn't have a spare 8 foot table sitting around, so I had to measure out how much space I was going to have. I grabbed some painter's blue tape and my floor.

My practice table...I ended up switching it a bit at the actual show

I knew from my massive amount of research that different levels were important as well as unique displays. I didn't really have that unique of a display compared to some other booths. That's definitely something I'll work on improving with shows.

Wipe cases all wrapped up and ready for the show.

I wrapped up all my products in nice little bows so they would look pretty. Once I got to the show, I soon discovered that customers liked to physically open and close them and they were put off by the packaging. Lesson learned.

Burp cloths I rushed to not sell.

Wipe cases went over really well. I'll keep this display in the future.

My booth. I'll definitely iron my tablecloth next time, nix the baby leg display (I got to figure out something more tangible), and try to make it more "store like" rather just a table set up.



Kelly said...

I think it looked really great! I remember one of the first craft fairs I did I didn't sell a thing so you did good since you actually sold a few! Good luck with your next one:)

Unknown said...

Thanks! I couldn't help but think, what am I doing wrong? But then I realized that it was my first one and I had to use it as a learning experience.

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