Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Magnetic Letters

Hi Everyone!

A quick short project. I have a textbook type-a personality. I never stop making lists and everything has a place (and probably a laminated label) in my house.

My craft room was missing one important element: a project list.

I got one of those magnetic white boards. But, that by itself is just boring. So, I created magnetic letters. Now, I used my magnetic letters for the word "project" but I can think of other possibilities. Maybe a "chore" board with each child's name. Or maybe do numbers and create a calendar. A more stylish alternative to the traditional magnetic letters on your fridge. You see how you can use this for all sorts of projects.

Magnetic Letters


Chipboard letters
Old promotional magnet
Glue stick

Cut the free promotional magnet into small pieces that would fit on the back of the chipboard letter. I used a simple Elmer's glue stick to keep the magnets on the back of the chipboard. It's been weeks and they haven't budged.

Okay, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do this project. But, it's an idea and it looks pretty fun.

My project board...already full of projects.


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