Friday, April 1, 2011

I picked the title "Dabbling Crafter" for a reason!

Hello There!

I don't quite have any projects to post, because I decided to start 10 at one time and they are all taking a while to finish. (I just finished painting the craft room & fabric cabinet...working on the chair and desk and an ottoman) However, I thought I would pass along my newest hobby. I've tried knitting and crocheting in the past....and lets say that I didn't continue down that path for long. In fact I'm not sure if I even got 2 stitches done.

Someone I worked with suggested that I try something called "Knifty Knitters"'s loom knitting. I got some looms and I've so far made two hats. They aren't going to win any awards anytime soon, but they do the trick.

Knifty Knitter Looms

Through a bit of careful googling, I found Isela Phelps. She is a younger gal that wrote a book (that I now own) called "Loom Knitting Primer: a Beginner's Guide to Loom Knitting." She also runs the blog "Loom Knitting." She has fun modern designs and explains everything really well (even with video!)

Great book for loom knitting

My first knitted hat!

So, I'll continue to try to make some hats, maybe venture into blankets....maybe if I get crazy I'll try a sweater...for the baby of course.


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