Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY Wednesday: 20 Minute Apron


I needed an apron to store change in for my last craft show. I remembered that I wanted an apron at about 1:00 am the morning of the craft show. So I decided I was going to use what I had on hand and only spend at the most a half hour on it. Mission Accomplished.

20 Minute Apron

1. Cut Your Fabric

The first step is cutting your fabric. You'll be cutting the main fabric piece and two squares for pockets. I chose to use a contrasting color for my pockets.

As indicated above, cut the fabric 24 by 11 inches. The two pockets are 7 by 8 inches.

2. Iron & Hem

Go around the edges of all three pieces of fabric and iron down a hem that is 1/2 an inch. You can also pin if you don't trust the hem to stay (I figure, eh, it will work out). The hem is indicated with the white line in the diagram above.

Sew down the hem you just ironed all the way around each piece. I also trim my corners if they aren't perfectly square.

3. Add the Pockets

Place the pockets where you'd like them. I just made sure they were centered. Once you have the pockets where you'd like them, pin them down. (You don't want them shifting crooked!)

Sew around the pockets, obviously leaving the top open. I usually reinforce the pockets with a second stitch, since they will have a bit of weight on them.

4. Add Straps

You could just do simple fabric as the straps and tie them in the back. I had some webbing sitting around with some "D" rings, and choose to use those.

Take a small piece of webbing and loop it around both "D" rings. Sew it shut so the rings are sewn on to the webbing. Then sew this piece of webbing to the corner of the apron. Mine are about two inches in. The straps are at an angle and reinforced with X stitches. (This is also on the diagram above)

The other side will be a long piece of webbing. You will need to see how long your particular apron needs to be. I'm on the bigger side, so I had a long strap. Just hold up the apron and measure. You'll need enough to feed through the "D" rings.

And you're done! Easy Easy. Enjoy!


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The Grout Family said...

I was going to ask you if A: you made that apron you had on Saturday and B: how you make it!

This answers both my questions! :D

Fab idea!

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