Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Show & Tell: Ruffled Sippy Leash

I often find myself with a problem, brainstorming a solution and then trying to make the solution more attractive.

This month's problem? My daughter loves the "drop it and mom & dad pick it up" game. I personally, do not love this game. (Huh. Weird) So, the solution was a sippy cup leash. Of course it was trial and error to see what works. I first used some elastic ribbon I had sitting around. On one end I put a snap so I could snap around a highchair or cart. The other end was a smaller loop sewn shut. I then stretched that loop around a sippy cup or a toy like her play phone. I soon realized that the snap wasn't needed, and did a second version. If you sew a even smaller loop at the snap end, you can just thread the ribbon through the small loop to attach it.

So on my third try, I decided to try something completely different. I decided to use elastic and some scrap fabric I had sitting around to create a ruffled sippy leash. I didn't write a tutorial for this particular item because I think I'm going to sell them eventually, but I'm sure you get the idea if you wanted to make your own. :)

So far, the sippy leash has worked great and it's pretty cute to boot. (I am pretty much in love with Moda's fabric) You like the cart cover?
That will be a tutorial in the very near future! :)

My little one in her cart cover with a sippy leash keeping the play phone from hitting the ground.


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