Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gone Junkin': From One Grandma's Basement to Another's Garden

Hello There!

I just finished up that white desk...I'm hoping to share it soon! I also have paint mixed and ready to go for the old screen door I picked up. This week's post is about finds at two different grandma's houses.

The first set of pictures is from my grandma Joyce. When I went to visit last time, she told me she had a bunch of fabric and patterns from her mother's time (so my great-grandma) to share. I got lots of fun fabric that's now back in style and some amazing patterns. Shopping in grandma's basement is the best!

Lots of fun fabric. That mustard color has definitely come back in style!

So many fantastic patterns! Love the retro feel. Now, if I could find the motivation to make all these clothes. The patterns themselves are like art. I'm brainstorming ways to display them in my craft room as art.

An apron or a retro dress to play crochet in.

Cute peacoats too!

My mother-in-law, my daughter's grandmother, has an amazing acreage with great flowers and landscaping. I know my pictures won't do any justice to her flower gardens, and I took pictures after things have gone and bloomed, but she's got some great ideas for using junk in your flower beds.

The corner sign with some fun fireworks for the Fourth of July.

One of the vintage bikes with baskets. 

A little old tricycle.

Old water pump to water flowers with.

Door mounted in the ground with hanging baskets and another vintage bike.

Love those baskets!

Old wood burning stove is perfect for flowers to fall out of.

Bird houses and record flowers.

Old scale on a sewing machine/grate table. Last year there were flowers cascading out of the bowl on the scale. This year is succulents. 

Old stool and some old milk jugs.


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