Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gone Junkin' Wrap Up & Mini Tutorial!

Hello There!

I haven't written in a while. It's been one busy busy summer! I taught Vacation Bible School last week...let me tell you, I have a new appreciation for preschool teachers and daycare providers! I had the young bunch and while they are really fun, they are exhausting. My daughter and I fell asleep quickly every night. 

We have also been doing fun family activities like going to the zoo and playing in the pool. It's been a fun summer. We might get to find out the sex of our baby this week! So many fun things going on!

This past weekend was Junkin' in June in the Ames-Boone area. We made the rounds by visiting Once Was, J.B. Knacker (and the flea market in the side yard with Sheldahl Crossing and Anything but New), Broadstreet Market and inVintg.

I didn't get much this trip, mostly because I had two projects sitting on the back porch that were priority. I have picked up a couple of things over the past few weeks to share.

At Once Was I picked up two metal trays that I'll use as magnetic message boards.

A few weeks ago at J.B. Knacker, I picked up two vintage Pyrex dishes with the glass lids in great shape. They were such a good deal!!!

A few weeks ago was City Wide Clean up. I found this beat up screen door on the corner of street. It was free and had great details. It's pretty rough though. I started the sanding process today. I'm hoping to get a fun color on it in the next couple of days.

I'll need to replace the screen part I think....

First sanding done! Next up, paint and replacing the screen.

Love the detail attachment on my sander! Works great on the little groves. Check out my review of my Black and Decker Mouse sander here.

My mother-in-law snagged up this desk from my husband's grandfather's house. The wood isn't in great shape, but the lines of the desk with the curves in the drawers is fantastic! I just started sanding today...I'm excited to paint it this week!

Mini Tutorial

I painted these chairs white a few months ago. They have done a great job holding up. There are a few knicks here and there. I decided rather than trying to buy an entire quart of paint or repainting everything, I would try a little quick fix.

I went to the craft section of a local department store and got a paint pen. I dabbed a little paint on the chair, and it turned out great!

Little knick on the chair. Slowly driving me crazy.

Elmer's Painters Pen

Ta Da! No more knick and it took maybe 2 seconds. Fantastic!



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